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  • like copper from agricultural runoff and marine paint leaching from boat hulls poses a threat to soft coral sea fans, especially in warming seas. Original Title: New danger for sea fans in warming seas: [...]
  • the coral triangle, Sabah is home to some of the best diving in the world. The famous diving areas of Sipadan and Mabul islands are off the coast of eastern Sabah, with Layang Layang [...]
  • is adopting Green Fins environmental standards to protect its coral reefs. The country has become the first in its region and the 11th worldwide to officially adopt Green Fins. Original Title: Egypt ups environmental [...]
  • of the largest shark sanctuary in the world – world class diving on isolated islands. Original Title: Diving Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands Full Text of the Original Article:
  • John’s has fabulous scuba diving. Impressive coral, large shoals of fish, turtles and sharks. What you need to know before you go. Original Title: Some of the best diving in Egypt: St Johns and [...]
  • on the Global Reef Expedition surveyed and mapped New Caledonia’s most remote coral reefs – some for the first time Original Title: Report on New Caledonia's coral reefs offers a glimmer of hope for [...]
  • temperature stress is degrading coral reefs worldwide, but a new study by Florida Institute of Technology scientists has found that corals in naturally turbid waters are less affected by thermal stress than corals in [...]
  • conservation win for the critically endangered Oceanic whitetip shark. Original Title: Urgently needed protection granted to Oceanic Whitetip Shark Full Text of the Original Article:
  • Bahamas – great for sharks, wrecks, caverns and walls Original Title: Scuba Diving the Bahamas Full Text of the Original Article:
  • microbes are found on healthier Cuban reefs than on human-impacted Florida reefs.Microorganisms play important roles in the health and protection of coral reefs, but exploring these roles can be difficult because of the lack [...]


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