A Breath of Fresh Air—Growing the Urban Forest


Story by Hannah Kett, Cities Program Manager, photos by Hannah Letinich

What is the image that pops up for you when you think “tree?” Is it a mountainside forest? A rain forest? Palm trees on the beach? For me, it is the trees right outside my front door in Seattle. These trees are also part of a different kind of forest – the urban forest.

Urban forests look a little different – coming in the form of small green spaces, street trees or your favorite backyard climbing tree. Together, these different trees and spaces are what make up our diverse urban forest that supports climate change resiliency, clean air, healthy habitat, beauty and more in the cities and towns where many of us work and live.

The Puget Sound Cities team is collaborating with non-profits, government agencies, businesses and more to support a healthy urban forest through the Planting Trees for Thriving Communities project. We launched this project back in May with funding support from The Boeing Company with the goal to enhance the tree canopy in our cities and towns around the region for the benefit of stormwater and the health of people.

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Original Title: A Breath of Fresh Air—Growing the Urban Forest
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