‘A prisoner of environment’: is it time to leave the American west?


The western US has long been characterized by balmy weather and fresh starts, but some are weary of the unhealthy air and worry about a water shortage

Maricela Ruelas is a manager at a vineyard in Medford, Oregon. She trims, harvests – whatever needs doing. This year, she has done much of that work in a face mask.

Wildfire smoke has plagued her and her fellow workers nearly continuously for “a couple of months”, she said through a translator, leading to pounding headaches. “It was horrible, horrible this year.”

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Original Title: 'A prisoner of environment': is it time to leave the American west?
Full Text of the Original Article: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/05/leaving-the-west-wildfires-smoke-heat