“A truly bad idea”: Scientists slam report of White House climate change review panel


The White House is moving forward with a plan to create a National Security Council committee to question the findings of recent federal climate science reports, according a Washington Post report.

Why it matters: The panel idea, first reported last week, represents a frontal assault on climate science reports at a time when public opinion is moving to support cutting greenhouse gas emissions. In this case, per the Post, the report the panel is most likely to investigate is the National Climate Assessment.

Details: The panel would be the reincarnation of an idea put forward by former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, who pushed for a “red team-blue team” debate on the science modeled after military studies. That proposal was squashed by then-White House chief of staff John Kelly. However, in the new version, there is no other team representing mainstream climate science — other than climate reports themselves.

The new panel will likely include William Happer, a physicist who sits on the National Security Council and has long argued that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will benefit humanity — a view contradicted by thousands of studies.

Between the lines: The Trump administration appears to have the National Climate Assessment in its