Accelerating our Learning though Floodplains by Design

By Heather Cole, Puget Sound Community Relations Manager

Integrated floodplain management takes patience, persistence, and it challenges our current paradigm to floodplain management. Floodplain Leaders — local practitioners who are engaged in doing integrated floodplain management — came together in the Puyallup on Nov. 13 to learn from each other and to garner support from each other and from regional partners to continue to advance and deepen this work across Washington state.

Newly built side channel along the Puyallup River. Taken at the Orting Floodplains by Design project during a workshop in Puyallup. Photo by Jenny Baker / The Nature Conservancy.

One of the highlights of the day was hearing the presentation from Isabel Ragland, Pierce Conservation District, on the Shared Monitoring Plan for the Floodplains for the Future (Puyallup, White and Carbon Rivers).  Usually when folks just mention the word “monitoring,” eyes roll back into their head and a furrowed brow appears.  However, the approach that Isabel presented was simple to understand and captured the essence of how to measure and achieve floodplain health across the varied interests — i.e. flood, farm and fish. 

Floodplains by Design leaders from around the state tour the South Fork of the Puyallup River, part

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