Cyclone over Arctic Ocean – August 24, 2019

As illustrated by above map, Arctic heating is accelerating, with temperatures showing up in the Arctic that are up to 4.41°C hotter than the average global temperature during 1880-1920.

The image below shows two plots. On the left-hand side is the temperature plot associated with above map, had a monthly mean been selected. To smooth the data, a 4-year running mean was chosen, and the plot on the right-hand side shows the associated global mean anomalies. Note that, due to this smoothing, only data from 1882 to August 2017 are displayed in the plot of the right-hand side.

It is appropriate to adjust the data by 0.5°C, as follows:
An adjustment of 0.3°C to reflect a pre-industrial baseline (heating occurred due to people’s emissions before 1880-1920);An adjustment of 0.1°C to reflect air temperatures over oceans (as opposed to sea surface temperatures);An adjustment of 0.1°C to better include polar temperatures (the top and bottom of the image at the top shows large polar areas that should not be excluded, the more so since the Arctic has the highest temperature anomalies).The image below shows both adjusted and unadjusted data as dark blue lines, with a light-blue polynomial trend added over the adjusted data.

Such a trend can further

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