Environmental Headlines We Would Like to See in 2019


By Mike Stevens, Washington State Director

2018 was a year of tremendous progress and challenge for people and nature in our state and our world. We saw ongoing challenges like rapid urban growth, record-setting smoke from fires, orca deaths, and the increasing challenge of climate change. We also saw people from all backgrounds and all parts of the state working together to create solutions that benefit people and nature.

In 2019, the people of Washington and The Nature Conservancy must accelerate our work tackling the biggest environmental challenges. We must learn how to deepen our impact and grow our ability to work together across social, political and geographic divides. From forests and communities threatened by wildfire to our growing cities to coastal salmon rivers, we need to bring out the best of what makes us all Washingtonians – our creativity, tenacity, ability to collaborate, and our passion for our communities and environment.

Here are some headlines we would like to see in 2019. What milestones would you like to see this year? Send us your ideas in the form at the bottom of this post and we will share some of the best of them!

Community Leaders Create Spark for State-level Action on

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