Experience the Life of Deep Gulf of Mexico in 20 Videos


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As we prepare for our 2019, Gulf of Mexico, Deep-Sea, Wood-Fall Collection, Research Cruise Spectacular from February 11th-24th, enjoy these videos from our 2017 expedition. Also follow us on Instagram and Twitter under hashtag #woodfall to keep updated on our upcoming cruise.

A brittle star demonstrates its unusual walking pattern. See this post for the science behind this walking.Chimaeras are cartilaginous fish also known as ghost sharks, rat fish, spookfish or rabbit fish. In paleo-oceans, chimaeras were both diverse and abundant while today they are largely only found in the deep sea. While their closest living relatives are sharks, they last common ancestor was nearly 400 million years ago.An unknown small black fish. Most of the species in the deep oceans have yet to be seen or even officially named by scientists.Another unknown small black fish…of course I’m no ichthyologist.A comb jelly dangles its long sticky tentacles searching for prey.

Original Title: Experience the Life of Deep Gulf of Mexico in 20 Videos
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