Fossil fuel industry faces a crisis of reputation

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The public view of the fossil fuel industry has been deteriorating for quite some time now. This week, a series of powerful actions is showing disapproval is at a serious high.

It was foreshadowed by Norwegian oil and gas giant Statoil’s rebranding last week, announcing they’d be called Equinor from here on out. Why?:

Statoil will rebrand itself Equinor because “a name with ‘oil’ as a component is a disadvantage” in recruiting young talent. Who knows, it might be even more effective to stop drilling in Arctic, Great Australian Bight

— Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) May 15, 2018

From streets in Benin and Nigeria, to outside shareholders’ meetings in Europe – people made it clear this week: we won’t tolerate fossil fuel projects any longer. It’s 2018, and a climate crisis is unfolding all around us. We want a 100% renewable future that works for everyone, we’re already building