Here’s the first country in the world to ban sunscreens harmful to coral reefs

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Planning a holiday to Palau? Take the right sunscreen or you’ll be up for a hefty fine. The Pacific island nation, an archipelago made up of over 500 islands and home to some of the most stunning coral reefs in the world, will become the very first country in the world to ban sunscreens that are harmful to reefs, BBC reports. SEE ALSO: The most damning conclusions from the UN’s special climate change report It’s a whole country ban similar to that imposed by Hawaii, which became the first US state to ban sunscreens deemed harmful to reefs in May.  Like Hawaii, Palau’s ban comes into effect in 2020. Palau’s government has reportedly signed legislation that restricts the sale of sunscreen products that contain particular chemicals considered harmful to reefs. Anyone caught with these products is looking at a sizeable $1,000 fine. A diver investigates a sea fan in the Peleliu Wall, one of the deepest wall dives in Palau.Image: ullstein bild via Getty ImagesSo, what chemicals are we looking at? Hawaii’s legislature, for one, focuses on the environmental impacts of two chemicals found in some sunscreens, oxybenzone and octinoxate, and their effect on marine ecosystems — including reefs.  According