Holy Swimming Bats


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Fun little fact I learned today.  Bats can swim.  Behold the majesticness.

Hat tip to Lauren Coons on Twitter.


Bats can swim

And are surprisingly good at it

Bats are capable of swimming in stressful situations if the need arises

Some species, such as those belonging to the genus Pteropus (flying foxes), have been known to brave the water to secure a meal#BatStroke pic.twitter.com/ulALyPM1yI

— Laurel Coons (@LaurelCoons) November 11, 2018

And there is of course the Great Fishing Bat. Amazing video here of its impressive catching capabilities. Many apologies for the over-the-top narration.

And this species of fishing bats spends so much time foraging at sea, we might need to classify it a true marine mammal.

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