How to standup paddle board—and help wildlife at the same time

Standup paddle boarding promises a unique and harmonious way to explore our planet’s rivers, lakes, oceans, and more. And while the sport may intimidate first timers, it becomes far less daunting with a few quick tips and tricks in mind.

Former professional standup paddle boarder Anthony Vela offers some insight to get newbies started.

The best part? Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can use your new standup paddle skills to fundraise for the wildlife and wild places that you love. Enjoy a day on the water with other paddlers—beginners, pros, and everyone in between—at WWF’s Panda Paddle, sponsored by Target, on Oct. 20 at Bonita Cove in San Diego.

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1. Take a lesson
This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth highlighting again. A certified instructor can offer you simple instructions that will make your first time on a standup paddle board successful—and more fun. Many accredited businesses that rent out the equipment you need to get started also offer lessons; the key is to confirm that the instructor went through a training and certification process before heading out on the water.

2. Use the right equipment
One of the reasons standup paddle

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