Initiative 1631: One Big Leap on Climate Change

By Mike Stevens, Washington state director

Lauren Miheli delivers signatures for I-1631 to the Secretary of State’s Office in Olympia on July 2. © Nikolaj Lasbo / TNC

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. With Initiative 1631, we have taken hundreds or even thousands of steps toward the goal of cleaner, healthier future.

At The Nature Conservancy, we recognize that climate change is impacting our lands, waters, health and communities in many negative ways. Several years ago, we began helping to form, lead and be part of a diverse coalition committed to action on climate. That grass-roots beginning grew into the largest and most diverse coalition in state history committed to passing a citizen’s initiative that both cuts carbon pollution and invests in repairing and restoring natural systems and communities across the state.

This incredible coalition, which includes tribes, communities of color, fellow environmental groups, business and government leaders, communities of faith and many, many others is not going away. We share important common goals and values. We’ve built trust and affinity, and we are committed to continuing to take action on climate change in ways that are meaningful and equitable.

The work on I-1631

Original Title: Initiative 1631: One Big Leap on Climate Change
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