Inside Home Depot’s Sustainability and Energy Strategy

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The Home Depot plans to reduce its emissions over 50 percent by 2035, a goal the home improvement retailer said will help it cement its environmental leadership among corporations. 

The company has won Energy Star recognition every year since at least 2012, received water and supply chain awards from the Environmental Protection Agency, and the company’s Vice President of Environmental Innovation Ron Jarvis says collaborating with environmental groups is a priority. But the retailer also admits it wasn’t always that way.

Criticisms in the 1990s led the company to develop a strategy to both carry more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options and label then clearly. Then certain stores began to sell wind turbines and solar panels in the 2000s. More recently, Home Depot worked to develop fuel cell systems, offsite renewables and rooftop solar projects to power its stores. Then, in 2018, the company set its goal to reduce