It’s time for election officials to take action on climate change

As the dust begins to settle in the aftermath of Maine’s legislative and gubernatorial elections, now, more than ever, is the time to hold our elected representatives accountable for their promises made to reinvigorate and protect the backbone of Maine’s economy: the environment.

Following the quiet release of the Trump administration’s climate assessment report over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend — a study commissioned by the federal government and created in coordination with 13 federal agencies — the facts are more pressing than ever. Climate change is real, and its effects are already being felt throughout the country in the form of deadly wildfires in California, bleaching of coral reefs in Florida and Hawaii, and thawing of permafrost tundra in Alaska.

Here in Maine, the Gulf of Maine is warming 99 percent faster than the rest of the world’s large bodies of water, endangering the fishing and lobster industries that provide