New Vestas wind installation to be tallest in the U.S.


With 112-meter towers and a tip height of 180 m, the wind turbines will be the tallest installed in the U.S., according to Vestas.

Vestas has received an order for 56 V136-3.45 MW turbines delivered in 3.6-MW Power Optimized Mode for an undisclosed wind project in the U.S. The project will be the tallest in the United States.

Deploying taller towers unlocks new and previously unharnessed wind resource areas, and further increases the project’s annual energy production, says Vestas.

“We’re pleased to expand our tall tower technology and 4-MW platform,” said Chris Brown, President of Vestas’ sales and service division in the United States and Canada. “The combination of taller towers and 4-MW technology is perfectly designed to extract the abundant resource at the site, and deliver low-cost, reliable energy to the community and customer.”

The order includes supply and commissioning of the turbines as well as a ten-year Active Output Management

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