New year, new House Climate Crisis Committee. But what about the Green New Deal?

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Before the holidays, the internet was buzzing with excitement about the Green New Deal, a package of policies that pairs labor programs with climate action. The idea is being championed by Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a climate activist group called the Sunrise Movement. More than three dozen congressional Democrats signed on to the plan after Sunrise protesters and AOC stormed their D.C. offices to demand support.

But Christmas has come and gone, and our post-holiday reality is a bit more somber than it was before Santa Claus came to town. Now, it looks like the future of Democratic climate action is shaping up to be a little less green and new than the deal Sunrise activists had hoped for.

Here’s where the chips fell while you were drunkenly arguing with your cousin Scott about climate change this week (just me?).

On Friday, probable future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced something called