Power back on at water treatment plant; residents can return to normal use

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Residents can again do laundry to their hearts’ content, after power was restored at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant.

The City of Regina called on residents to conserve water at a Wednesday morning press conference. Officials reported that the treatment plant, which supplies clean water to Moose Jaw and Regina, had faced three power outages in five days.

The latest outage began Wednesday morning. Ryan Johnson, general manager of the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation, said the outage was fixed later that day, at around supper time.

“At this point in time things are working well and there are no power issues,” Johnson told the Leader-Post by email Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

Staff were busy bringing in generators as a backup solution on Wednesday, according to Johnson. He said they are now on site and ready to step in if there is “a change in the situation.”

City spokeswoman Desirae Bernreuther