Preparing for Tech-Diving Course

Booking a tech-diving course usually involves research into locations, training agencies, instructors and so much more. But what happens once you’ve signed up? How do you get ready for the course itself? We’ve put together a few tips on preparing for a tech-diving course.

Practice neutral buoyancy

Tech-diving theory might be more challenging than its recreational equivalent, but you’ll earn certifications primarily in the water, so get diving. The weeks and months before joining a tech-diving course are a good time to work on your buoyancy and control in the water.

While all training agencies include neutral-buoyancy skills in their open water and advanced courses, technical-diving students must complete all of the course skills while neutrally buoyant. What’s more, they must also hold a trim position (being in the water horizontally, head held up, with a straight line from knees to chin) while their instructor demonstrates, and their classmates practice their skills.

So, if you remember struggling to hover without moving arms and legs, this is a good time to practice. Of course, carrying more tanks will change your buoyancy further. But if you can’t control yourself underwater in the first place, it will be even harder — if not

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