Seahorses Are in Trouble

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Seahorses. Who doesn’t like these little guys? Spotting one among the coral is sure to bring a smile to any diver’s face. With their curved tails, round bellies and long snouts, it is easy to feel like you just want to put them in your pocket. Sadly, many species are either endangered or nearly extinct for that exact reason.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List features 34 seahorse species. This means that they are either endangered or that scientists don’t have enough data to confirm that they are not endangered. The populations most in trouble are in Asia. But the problem is spreading globally as fishermen are looking for new seahorse hunting grounds.

Where have all the seahorses gone?

There are three markets that encourage mass capture and trade of seahorses. They often end up as by-catch of fishing and trawling practices. But these species are so valuable now