Surprise, you’re governor! How will you fix climate change?

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Imagine you were just elected governor. Congrats! OK, enough with the celebration already, Grist wants to know: How are you going to clean up your state’s greenhouse gas emissions?

You might push for a carbon tax, or subsidize clean energy, or ban cars from city centers. Even if your strategy is just “do it all,” you still need to figure out what comes first, or what to do if you are low on money. And how do make sure your policy really works?

Here’s where Hal Harvey, head of the clean energy think tank Energy Innovation, steps in. Harvey crunched the data from dozens of countries to see what worked for his new book, Designing Climate Solutions.

“This is kind of a handbook for an energy advisor to a governor, or somebody who is a serious activist who doesn’t just want to write a letter, but wants their activism to be informed by analytics,” Harvey said when we called him up to ask him about it.

He wrote it because no guidebook existed for one of the biggest problems in the world. “It’s not a sexy book,” he said with a laugh, but it offers plenty of surprising insights. Our