Changing Climate

Yuri Kozyrev’s best photograph: Norilsk, one of Earth’s most polluted places By: Climate change | The Guardian Link: http:// ‘This Arctic city was built by Russian prisoners in the late 1930s to meet wartime demand for metal. There are graveyards everywhere’ I shot this in […]


Arctic Warming Up Fast March 30, 2019, Arctic sea ice extent was 13.42 million km², a record low for the measurements at for the time of year. [ click on images to enlarge ]As the Arctic warms […]


Care for the Ozone Layer stratosphere normally is cold and very dry. Global warming can increase water vapor in the stratosphere in a number of ways. Global warming causes the troposphere to warm and since warmer air holds more water […]


Dangerous situation in Arctic the North Pacific, the flow of warmer water is clearly visible (see images right, green circle left). In the North Atlantic, huge amounts of heat are moving into the Arctic Ocean (green circle right). […]


Sighting of sperm whales in Arctic a sign of changing ecosystem, say scientists By: Climate change | The Guardian Link: http:// Rare sighting in the Canadian Arctic as a growing number of species expand their range into warming waters A rare sighting of sperm whales in the […]