Weatherwatch: should TV forecasters talk about climate change? By: Climate change | The Guardian Link: http:// Studies show even climate change deniers may be receptive to such news in bulletins TV weather forecasters usually steer clear of mentioning climate change, perhaps fearing […]


Trump thinks scientists are split on climate change. So do most Americans | Dana Nuccitelli’s a 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming, but most Americans are unaware When queried about the most recent IPCC report, Republican lawmakers delivered a consistent, false message – that climate scientists are still […]


Republican lawmakers react to the IPCC report – ‘we have scientists’ too! | Dana Nuccitelli grilled GOP politicians on climate change. It didn’t go well Major climate science reports usually pass by largely unnoticed, but in the wake of the latest IPCC report a number of journalists laudably grilled […]


California’s response to record wildfires: shift to 100% clean energy | Dana Nuccitelli’s Democratic leaders are determined to fight the climate change that’s ravaging their state In America today, it’s rare to see political leaders respond to a threat with an appropriate evidence-based policy solution. At the […]