Great Barrier Reef hard coral cover close to record lows By: Climate change | The Guardian Link: http:// Some lively communities and tiny juvenile corals suggest recovery is possible, Australian Institute of Marine Science says Hard coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef remains […]


Adani ‘conservation area’ for endangered finch sits on proposed Clive Palmer mine environmental group calls plan to protect black-throated finch an ‘elaborate hoax’ Adani has set aside a “conservation area” for the endangered black-throated finch at the same site earmarked for the massive Clive Palmer-backed Alpha […]


‘Like opening a fan oven’: Australia’s rainforest threatened by bushfires By: Climate change | The Guardian Link: http:// As the weather gets hotter and drier, and cyclones increase, those living in Australia’s north will need to adapt to the fire danger When Michelle Ready […]


Great Barrier Reef: record heatwave may cause another coral bleaching event By: Climate change | The Guardian Link: http:// 42.6C temperature in Cairns broke a November record that has stood since 1900 by 5.4C A record-breaking heatwave in north Queensland will further increase above-average marine […]