UK’s February temperature jump was incredible, says climate researcher

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Meteorologists look at extent to which weirding of weather is due to carbon emissions

This week’s record winter heat in the UK was so far above normal trends that scientists have been forced to reconsider their statistical models, with one expert calling the temperature jump “incredible”.

UK temperature records have tumbled in the past 10 days. Last Thursday, Scotland experienced its highest winter warmth of 18.3C in Aboyne, in Aberdeenshire. On Tuesday, Wales set a new UK high for the season for 20.8 in Porthmadog. This was beaten on Wednesday, when Kew registered 21.2C.

@BBCNews & @bbcfivelive also covered record temperatures, focusing onsales, with no note of concern. Yet here I sit in deepest existential unease knowing what collectively these bonkers (diplomatic term) record-breaking weather events & trends across the world probably mean.

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