Veteran Stephanie Williams Serves for a Healthy Climate

by Stephanie Williams, Climate Program Specialist

When I first joined the Air Force at age 18, I honestly didn’t understand what it meant to “serve.” I just wanted to travel. For nearly 7 years, my job was to help maintain peace on the Korean peninsula and I gained a sense of what it meant to serve my community—my global community.

That feeling stuck with me when I got out and I decided to focus my career on climate change, because carbon pollution knows no borders. How we care for nature affects our communities locally and globally. Now at the Nature Conservancy, I feel so empowered and lucky to be able to serve Washington state and my global community to help tackle this climate challenge.

Thank you, Stephanie! You are a national and environmental superhero, and we are honored to have you on our team.

On this Veteran’s Day, we celebrate Stephanie and her fellow veterans, along with our new partnership with Project Healing Waters to provide immersive learning opportunities, connect veterans with conservation and demonstrate nature’s invaluable, restorative power.

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