Washington Governor Jay Inslee wants to be the 2020 climate candidate

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Jay Inslee, governor of Washington, wants to be the climate candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

“Without defeating climate change, nothing else long term is possible for the future of our children,” the folksy Democrat told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in an interview Wednesday. Inslee said he’d prioritize climate change over the likes of other hot-button issues like health care, immigration, or gun violence.

Just one problem: One of the residents of Inslee’s state isn’t so convinced that the governor is the climate champion he’s selling himself as. Jamie Margolin, a 17-year-old activist in Seattle who founded the youth climate organization Zero Hour, sued Inslee over climate change along with 12 other young people last year. The suit claimed that the governor and state agencies weren’t doing enough to stop carbon emissions and were violating their generation’s constitutional right to a stable climate.

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